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We Specialize in the SUBARU platform only.

*All Tuning is completed on a DynoJet 424x

If you are just looking to get a baseline HP/TQ set for your vehicle. Head over to our dyno rental section here for pricing.


*A COBB Accessport is REQUIRED!

We do require a COBB Accessport to tune your vehicle. We DO NOT offer open source tuning at this time. We are a COBB Certified Pro-Tuning location. If you are in need of an Accessport for the tune, let us know for pricing and availability, or head over to our online store, as we most likely have it in stock.


*We DO offer Stand-Alone ECU Tuning

We do offer tuning services for Haltech and Motec stand-alone ECU's. Pricing is altered from our normal tune pricing

*There is a required pre-inspection prior to getting tuned.

This is included in the price of the tune. It includes a boost leak test to ensure all hoses are connected properly, intercooler piping is tight, fuel system is routed properly and an entire inspection of the car to make sure it is in road worthy condition to handle the tune. Any errors found will be charged hourly rates to be corrected after consulting with the customer.
*For all tuning applications you are required to have a wideband air/fuel and boost gauges installed.

We strongly recommend purchasing a wideband/boost gauge for your build, which we keep in stock. If that isn't an option, we can provide a temporary wideband gauge for tuning purposes.
*Additional Maps can be purchased!

Example: If you want an E85 tune, a 93 tune, and 91 tune.

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