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MSS 17-21 Honda Civic FK8 Type-R Sports Full Adjustable Kit


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  • Eliminate ugly fender gap and get that sexy sporty look for your Civic Type R.
  • Go faster through the curves with improved handling that inspires confidence!
  • Excellent ride quality that is the perfect balance between sporty and comfortable.
  • Get the look you really want with full height adjustability.


  • Spring Setup: single front / single rear
  • Front Lowering Range: NA
  • Rear Lowering Range: NA
  • Rake Setup: NA
  • Designed in England & Manufactured by Eibach to their top of the range ERS specification
  • TUV Approved
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)


  • Designed to be used with Factory Dampers (Shocks and Struts)


The MSS Height Adjustable Sports Kit is the most advanced spring only suspension on the market for your Civic Type R. Their patented triple rated springs offer 3 spring rates in one spring for the ultimate balance of performance, comfort, and safety.
Performance: Reduced body roll and pitch aids in traction during acceleration, braking, and corning.
Comfort: Enjoy a smoother, quieter, and more composed driving experience. The Triple rate springs due a superior job of absorbing bumps and other road imperfections than traditional progressive rate springs.
Safety: The MSS Springs are designed to reduce violent spring oscillations associated with hazardous and emergency driving situations, quickly transferring these forces to the shock absorber keeping better tire contact with the road.

The relatively low initial spring rate absorbs small bumps in the road, thereby increasing grip. It then transitions to a secondary spring rate which enhances vehicle handling during cornering, giving you the ultimate control of your driving experience. The third and stiffest rate assists by resisting sudden dynamic movements such as during acceleration, braking or swerving to avoid an obstacle. In doing so the vehicle remains composed as traction is retained at each wheel for optimum grip on dry or wet roads.

Adjustable Ride Height
Quickly and easily change ride height without removing the suspension. Both front and rear ride height is easy to control and adjust. With unique mid-mount adjusters available for vehicles with limited access it is easier than ever to adjust your ride height. Unlike traditional aftermarket suspension, our products can be returned to original ride height giving extra clearance for winter driving or for long trips where you're unsure of the road conditions.

All spring components are manufactured by Eibach to their top of the range ERS specification (the highest quality tolerance springs available on the market).



MSS Adjustable Suspension Kit FK8 Civic Type R

$1,263.15 Regular Price
$1,199.99Sale Price
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